Puluk Pro Wave Keratin Lash Lift Set

Professional Lash Lamination Kit

Made in Korea

3 Steps lamination composed of 1st, 2nd and3rd Pro Keratin to minimize damage to eyelashes.

1. Waving Cream 7g

Cream type, reducing the risk of getting into eyes.

-Contain various conditioning ingredients to minimize eyelash damage.

2. Setting Cream 7g

Excellent holding power to fix the lashes

3.Pro Keratin 7g

Repair eyelash damages (contains collagen, keratin n protein etc)

4. Strong Fixer

Hold the lashes in place

5. Silicon Rods

5 reusable silicon sizes

6. Strawberry Comb

Easy styling of lashes

Puluk Pro Wave Keratin Lash Lift Set