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Noemi Dye & Developer lotion set for Lash & Brows lift colouring

Noemi Dye

Noemi Dye is a brand-new hybrid tint for lashes and brows.

This product not only colors the hair and creates a beautiful stain on the skin but also contains nourishing ingredients that will help strengthen, protect, and stimulate the hair's growth.

The Noemi Hybrid Dye can be used on both brows and lashes.

The PH value is 9 - 10, which means it penetrates the hair. The dyes last about eight days on the skin and 5 - 6 weeks on the hair, providing an intense final result.

The range offers nine beautiful colors + 1x clear color corrector, meaning you can create a variety of shades and perfectly customize those to your client's needs!

Can Noemi Dye be used with lamination?

Yes! Noemi Dye is fantastic when paired with lamination and lash lift services. It contains Henna Extract, which is not confused with Henna Pigment. Henna Extract is perfectly safe to use in combination with lamination.

Noemi Developer 3% 14ml

The Solution is the developer for the Noemi Dye. The structure of the color becomes ideal and does not run.

Application: Mix Noemi Dye and Solution in the same ratio (1:1). Then apply to the eyebrows and leave on for 10-15 minutes.

Best before 24 months

Noemi Dye & Developer lotion set for Lash & Brows lift colouring