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Nichiban Tape SG12  24 rims

Box of 24rims

12mm x 7Tape m

with less skin irritation. The flexible tape follows the movement of the skin, reducing stress. Suitable for people with fragile skin and elderly people.

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The flexible tape follows the movement of the skin, reducing stress. It is suitable for elderly people and infants who have weak skin because it has high moisture permeability and is less stuffy and less irritating to the skin.


High moisture permeability

If sweat accumulates between the tape and the skin, it will cause skin irritations, changes in pH, and bacterial growth, causing skin irritation. SKINERGATE™ adhesives and films are highly moisture permeable, so moisture retention is negligible, even after prolonged application. For this reason, SKINERGATE™ prevents stuffiness of the skin and is less likely to rash.

Protects the corneum (outermost) layer of the skin

The stratum corneum has a barrier function that protects the skin. Peeling off the stratum corneum when peeling off the tape may cause rash. SKINERGATE ™ has a gentle adhesiveness on the skin, making the skin less stuffy. The skin does not easily macerate even after long periods of application, so it does not hurt the stratum corneum. This tape has less pain when peeling, protects the skin's barrier function, and reduces rash.

Follows skin movement

Skin stress with tape can cause skin irritation. SKINERGATE ™ uses a highly flexible polyolefin film, stretches well with a small force, and follows small movements of the skin. Therefore, there is no discomfort and stress on the skin is reduced.

Stable adhesion

High moisture permeability prevents stuffiness of the skin, and lasting skin adhesion even when applied for a long time.


For patients with fragile skin

Fixing gauze

Fixing catheters and tubes

Fixing circuits during dialysis

Precautions for Use

Stretching the tape while applying it may cause skin irritation. Do not stretch the tape when applying it.

Do not apply directly to a wound.

If symptoms such as rash, redness and itchiness appear during use, discontinue use.

Please remove slowly along the flow of hair so as not to damage the skin.

Precautions for Storage

Store at room temperature, away from water, high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.

Nichiban Tape SG12 24 rims