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Klenz Pre-treatment 15ml
✔For prepping lashes prior to applying eyelash extensions. 
✔Effectively remove oil and natural proteins found on eyelashes, extending the life of the lash and allows bonding to initiate quicker. 
✔Copper peptide-1 replenishes nutrition to natural eyelash.
✔Boost up to bond quicker and extending the
life of the lash extension. 
✔This is Oil-Free pre-treatment for 
natural eyelash cleansing before eyelash extension.

Directions for use:  
Apply an appropriate amount onto microswab
and coat on natural lashes, blow dry lashes after use.

1. For Professional use only.
2. Discontinue use if you have any of the following abnormalities
(such as red spots, swelling, itching, irritation appear during use.)
3. Do not use on wounded area or dermatitis.
4. Consult a physician if you develop any form of allergy

Developed by: Project Lash Boss
Capacity: 15ml

Klenz Pre-treatment 15ml


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