Collagen Black Tint Korea 10ml

Black Essence

A highly-concentrated aromatic collagen essence lash tint that makes eyelashes more healthy and darker and more beautiful.

Instructions: After step 2 of Lash lift, on clean lashes, apply tint directly onto natural lashes and leave on for 10mins, clean away and wash off.

What is Black Essence?

Essence that gives black nutrition to eyelashes.

Collagen, black soybean extract, peptide, biotin. lavender,

With essential ingredients for eyelashes such as chamomile oil making lashes more healthy

Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, Marine Collagen, Black Bean Extract. Biotin, Pantonol, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17. It is a highly concentrated black aroma collagen tint essence made with myristoelexapeptide-16, black shinhwacheol, raven oil, chamomile flower oil, etc.

Made in Korea


Collagen Black Tint Korea 10ml