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BL Lashes MD Advanced x10

Comes with Display Stand, 10 x Holographic Bags Main FeaturesPromotes the rapid growth in natural lasheslong, shiny, voluminous lashes within 4 weeksHealthy natural lashes make a more effective lash extensionGreat retail item for extra incomeMD Advanced Lash SerumMD Advanced is a scientifically advanced lash growth serum that promotes the rapid growth in natural lashes. Enriched with polypeptides and carnosine, this formula promotes rapid lash growth.This product means that anyone can have long, shiny, voluminous natural lashes within one month. It also helps increase the number of healthy natural lashes which produces more effective results in lash extension. This is a great retail item for your clients.DirectionsBefore applying, remove eye makeup and contact lensesApply MD Advanced directly to both upper and lower lash lines to the base of the lashes.Allow the serum to be completely absorbed before applying makeup in the morning.For optimum results, apply once in the morning and again at night. There are no known issues with the use of lash growth serums used in conjunction with eyelash extensions.Leave 24 hours after extension application before using serumUse serum at the base of natural eyelashes only

Expiry:June 2025

BL Lashes MD Advanced x10


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