BL Lashes Laser Mink Lash Multi Brown 14 lines
BL Laser Mink Lash Extension Multi-Brown 

These individual synthetic mink lashes are high gloss, curled and tapered to perfection, and versatile at the same time. Give your clients a various selection of looks from natural to dramatic. 

3-Tones of 14 lines brown lashes

Light Brown (4 lines, 9~12mm), Dark Brown (5 lines, 9~13mm), Dark Brown-H (5 lines, 9~13mm)

Perfect for the customers with fair skin complexion 

Mix with black color for a more natural look

Beautiful 3-tone espresso colored lashes work wonderfully well for fair-skinned clients, with brunettes or with those blessed with auburn hair. These can also be blended with black classic Laser Mink Lashes for a natural look.
As with a number of our products adding Laser Mink Lash Extensions to your product lines creates opportunities for additional profit as you will have the capacity to satisfy unconventional clients who don?™t wish to settle for a conventional lash look.

What are laser lashes?

The idea of creating indentations on a synthetic lash has emerged during our study of the human hair itself. Inspired by the fact that the scaly and uneven surface of the human hair cuticle naturally allows better adhesion than a smooth surface, we have created the world?™s first laser processed extension lash eventually.

Works wonders with any glue

Thanks to the indentations on BL Laser lashes that hold the glue, they prevent the glue from forming a glue droplet at the root of the extension lash. BL Laser lashes work wonders with any glue regardless of its viscosity.

BL Lashes Laser Mink Lash Multi Brown 14 lines

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