BL Lashes Fina Glue 5g

BL Fina Glue

  • Fina GlueHigh performance: powerful bonding and long retention
  • Medium, smooth consistency
  • Setting Time: 3-4" 
  • Retention: 5 Weeks~
  • Technician Profile: Experienced
  • Client Profile: Average tolerance to glue fume & odors
  • Techniques: Classic & Volume

BL Fina Eyelash Extension Adhesive

With a rapid setting time of 2-3 seconds, Fina eyelash extension adhesive was designed for experienced technicians.

Fina glue is extremely smooth and fluid resulting in a flawless lash extension application. Another unique feature of this adhesive is it's low to medium level of fumes.

Typically, the stronger the bond, the more intense the fumes, but Fina is a product that strikes a perfect balance between attachment strength and fume level. 

It contains Poly Isocyanate, a protective coating agent that demonstrates high resistance to heat, weather, and dust.

BL Lashes Fina Glue 5g